[Closed] Backport readline-6.3 support

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Applied in changeset r45772.

merge revision(s) r45225,r45240,r45488: [Backport #9578] [Backport

  • ext/readline/readline.c (Init_readline): Use rl_hook_func_t instead
    of Function to support readline-6.3. (rl_hook_func_t is available
    since readline-4.2.)
    Reported by Dmitry Medvinsky. [ruby-core:61141] [Bug #9578]

  • ext/readline/extconf.rb (rl_hook_func_t): define as Function for
    very old readline versions. [ruby-core:61209] [Bug #9578]

  • ext/readline/extconf.rb: fix typo, $defs not $DEFS.
    [ruby-core:61756] [Bug #9578]

Backport #9630: Backport readline-6.3 support.

  • Author: Hiroshi SHIBATA
  • Status: Closed
  • Priority: Normal
  • Assignee: Tomoyuki C.