Clock block slow in position satellite calculation


I have this flowgraph in GNURadio:

→ Green: calculates the signal delay of a satellite.
→ Yellow: a clock with a second precision.

If I run the clock separately I can see in the WX GUI Number Sink that
it works. (0,1,2,3,4… each second)
But if I run the entire flowgraph I can see in the WX GUI Number Sink
that clock becomes very slow. (0,1,2,3,4… each 2 second approximately)

Why is this? Any solution?

Thank you :wink:

You shouldn’t use so many throttles in one flow graph; throttle limits
the number of samples going through in a given time, and as soon as the
“upstream” blocks have filled their output buffer, they will be limited
in throughput, too.
So I guess this is the effect of throttles blocking each other; however,
I don’t really understand what’s happening inside your flowgraph, so
this is a lot of guesswork.