CLOB handling


In an oracle table, I hava a field of CLOB type (named “VXML”).
This column have a XML text and i would like to parse it to extract
several informations.
In ruby when i access to this column, and for exemple, i put is value on
a page, I dont have the column in XML format. I only have the values of
the XML.

<%[email protected]%>


peter xxx 69771704222 alone whatever bicycle motogp cd1
Luxembourg Luxembourg FR ES 5372826865 [email protected] other
Suzuki 400 775111 Fazer 600 whatever fzs6 Carvalho
24081004333 fille no yes no

Is there any method to get the column has an XML to parse it and get the
needed information?



I solved my problem.

Paulo C. wrote:

I solved my problem.

Please can u post the solution for ur ptroblem as we are facing a
simiklar kind of issue here.

Jazzy … :slight_smile: