Cleaning Action Cache not working for show action


I realized (in development environment with caching activated) that
cleaning the action cache for the show action is not working
The caching itself works fine - but once I try to clean the cache via
the corresponding sweeper, the show action fragment does not get

Here is the relevant sweeper method:
def clear_clientcontact_cache(clientcontact)
expire_action(:controller => ‘clientcontacts’, :action =>
‘show’, :id =>

Here is the relevant logfile output:
[Cached fragment hit: views/localhost:3000/clientcontacts/show/1]
#this is the cached fragment
Expired fragment: views/localhost:3000/clientcontacts/1 (0.0ms)

The problem seems to be that the expired fragment does not coincidence
with the fragment the show action looks for: “views/localhost:3000/
clientcontacts/show/1” (–> “show” appears in the path) meanwhile the
expired fragment has no “show” in the path.

Anyone knows why that happens and how I can resolve it?

Thanks for your help!