Clean uninstall of Gnuradio and Pybombs

Hello all,
I am very new to gnuradio, so please excuse a basic question.
I managed to install pybombs and gnuradio on my Ubuntu platform in
several attempts. Various permissions issues got in the way and I ended
up with multiple copies of the software in different directories, some
more complete than others. Is there a clean way to uninstall the
software and start from scratch?
Is doing a recursive rm on these extra directories sufficient or is
there more to removing the packages?
Where do people typically install, under /usr/local? If so, all
subsequent uses of pybombs and gnuradio require sudo? If using pybombs,
will the entire gnuradio package also be under the pybombs directory

thank you in advance!

/usr/local is the default directory on Linux to install your own stuff,
we recommend you simply put your GNU Radio installation into your home
directory (and this is the default if you use pybombs). This means
env variables such as LDPATH but pybombs does that for you.

As for uninstalling, rm-ing all your install dirs should be fine, but
sure you really get all those files.

Welcome to GNU Radio, and have fun!