Hi guys,
Using Jruby engine (Scriptenginemanager) i got classcast exception
Problen senario is given below

1.JrubyEngine is in different plugin
2.MYown class and .rb files is in different plugin
3.MYown class has some business login and try to execute “Myown” class
from .rb.

When i execute .rb file from JrubyEngine it simply execute “MyOwn” class
in this i am tring to show eclipse view from “Viewid” throug java code.
IViewPart symbolView
but when i tried to cast that IVewPart in “Myview” class ,this class is
implemented by IVewpart so it throws Class cast exception.

excepotion is "Myview can not be cast to Myview "

Is there any solution for this issue.

so you’re trying to pass it across instances? Maybe you could marshal…