hi everybody, after some time dealing with file upload finally i have my
scvript working, the problem its that seems that the files are uploaded
with 600 permissions and i need to be 644 to be accesible to everyone.

So i tried to change the permisions of the files inside the folder where
are saved the uploaded files, i have this on the index action of my
controller so at fisrt time change the permissions when needed:

Dir["/public/images/publics/*"].each {|f| FileUtils.chmod(0664, f)}

But doesnt seems to work, no error or warnings and the files remains
with the old permissions and i have to change it manually by ftp, if
someone can give me a hand with how to change permissions inside a
folder from a controller ill be very happy and your help will be very
appreciated cause i have tried a lot and i cant make it work :frowning:

Anyone? im stuck with this by 4 days now, i cant find a working example
in how to change file permissions, really if someone can help with this
ill be very very thankful.

Nhila :slight_smile:

The second major entry should get you where you’re going.

Is it possible you spent 4 days without using Google?

If so let me humbly recommend that you pull the Google
trigger sooner next time.

– Tom M.