Chinese antique furniture

Dear Sir or Madam,
Beijing Ming dragon is a company engaged in Chinese Antique furniture
and arts.It locates in the suburb of Beijing where has convenient
traffic. The company has been established five years.Although we haven’t
long history,we grow very fast.Through our store and website we will
offer you unparalleled service,good quality merchandise at competitive
prices.We offer furniture such as
and Mongolia furnishings and so on.The furniture come from all parts of
China,even from Korea and Mongolia.The chinese antique furnifure is of
exquisite design,unique workmanship and colorful carving.Each items has
its characteristics and stories,it shows the culture of China and tells
you a period of interesting history.The materials are also very
good.Experienced long history,they are still steady as before.Moreover
our Sea Freight offer perfect service including collecting goods from
door to warehouse,storage,antique inspection,packing,customs claiming
and export agency and so on.It can reach anywhere you appointed.We also
have a big warehouse,it displays all kinds of products we offer,you can
choose whatever you like.
As well as furniture,we have arts,decoratives,architecture and other
perfect things.More information,please browse our website or contract us
by E-mail or give me a phone call.
Welcome to our company,we hope to build well relationship with
you.Sincerely look forward to your visit,or receiving your e-mail.
E-mail:[email protected]