Checking first letter from database string


I would like to set redmine via plugin Custom workflows (ruby
activerecords)to check if the first character entered in the database
field (61)is this same as first letter in another field.

Generally, the idea is that the first character in the string in the
database field 61 agreed with the first character in the database field

if custom_field_value (61).chr == G && custom_field_value (33).chr! = G
raise WorkflowError, “ERROR NUMBER”

I’ve got error

Workflow script executable before saving the issue contains error:
(eval):3:in `validate_syntax’: compile error (eval):1: syntax error,
unexpected ‘=’, expecting kTHEN or ‘:’ or ‘\n’ or ‘;’
…custom_field_value (33).chr! = G ^ (eval):3: syntax error, unexpected
kEND, expecting $end

Sorry in this post foto works

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