Check your bug report status

I’ve set many 2.0.0 tickets to next minor except (possible)
Please reply to the tickets if you think my decision (made in haste) is
I’ll reconsider. Thank you in advance!

2.0.0 $B$N%A%1%C%H$G!"(Bshowstopper $B$N5?$$$,$"$k$b$N0J30$r(B next
minor $B$K0$7$^$7$?!#(B

I don’t see any problems in letting #6265 (‘concatenation’ ‘syntax’) be
part of 2.0.0, but if you think it is too late for that, I don’t think
it is a problem either to wait for it to be included on next minor.

Thank for your great work (you and others of course) in the course of
getting 2.0.0 released soon :slight_smile: My most wanted features for 2.0.0 are
named params and Module#prepend :slight_smile:

Em 18-02-2013 14:19, Yusuke E. escreveu: