Check out what we've build

Hey there

We are dev team building outsource projects. And each time finishing the
projects we’ve had a pain with configuring backups (files and DBs) for
our customer’s VPS.

Honestly, I think that you, guys, Ruby on Rails developers, face the
same issue every single day. So while solving this problem, we’ve built
the BitCalm -

Please check it out and give us your feedback.
Do you think it’s useful for anybody else but us or is it creepy shit?

If you’re interested, here are core features:

  • It helps to configure auto backups to S3 in 1 minute.
  • incremental backups for your files and dump backups for your DBs.
  • web-dashboard to add/configure/manage multiple backups in a single

In this context, I would like to understand what an ‘outsourced project’