Check my terminology and understanding please

Am I understanding this correctly, and are my terms correct? Thanks in
advance, and happy new year everyone!

    variable = receiver.object.method( arguments )

variable = receiver.object.send( :method, arguments )

  • variable: Result storage (an object_id returned by the method call,
    nil or otherwise).

  • receiver: Who gets the message (:method), typically self. Controlled
    the class of the object. Ruby looks up the class stack until it finds
    method or exhausts the stack.

  • object: An instance of the class, with a unique object_id.

  • arguments: Literally, other object_ids being passed to the method.
    include strings, numbers, hashes, arrays, and blocks.

A ‘receiver’ is also an object, and your ‘object’ is also a receiver,
of a different message. But basically, yes.

I’m afraid I don’t follow. What’s the different message you speak of,
not :method ?

variable = receiver.object.method( arguments )

Let’s change the names so we don’t get it confused:

foo = bar.baz.quxx(quxxx)

In this code, bar receives the message baz. The result recieves the
message quxx, with the arguments quxxx. This is assigned to foo.

Does that help?

Awesome. Any time.

That makes sense, thank you!

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