Check_box not being checked

I’m new to RoR and I’m having a little problem that I can’t solve.

My model is simple. I have Lists and ListItems.

I have a view that loops through all the list items, and I put the
HTML for the each list item row in a partial called _list_item.rhtml.

This is the view, called show.rhtml

    <%= render(:partial => "list_item", :collection => @list.list_items) %>

And this is the partial _list_item.rhtml

  • <%= check_box 'list_item', 'done' %> <%= list_item.text %>
  • As you can see, my list_item has two fields: done and text.

    The problem is that even though the field done is an integer “1” I
    can’t get the checkbox to get checked!!!

    The rest works as expected.

    Any idea? Thanks!

    BTW, same thing happens if I don’t use a partial.

    Try putting this at the top of your partial:

    <% @list_item = list_item %>

    The magic form helper methods rely on instance variables to set the
    value. Alternatively, you could do this:

    <%= check_box_tag “list_item[done]”, list_item.done %>

    Michael B.
    [email protected]

    Michael B. wrote:

    Try putting this at the top of your partial:

    <% @list_item = list_item %>

    I was struggling with this myself last night.
    Had done this before but forgot about the instance var.


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