Check_box and rjs

In my view I currently have the following link which show/hides a div
<%= link_to_function “Show Hide” do |page|
end %>

Instead of using a link to do the show/hiding I would like to use the
onclick event of a checkbox. I understand that I can add javascript to
the onclick event as follows:
<%= form.check_box :io_1 ,{:onclick => “alert(‘Testing’);”}%>

However, is it possible to use rjs code in the onclick part of the
I know that i can look at the view and grab the javascript generated by
the link and explicitly paste that into the onclick part but I like
using the RJS syntax. Is it possible? e.g. something like:
<%= form.check_box :io_1 ,{:onclick => do |page|
page[:user_input_name].toggle end }%>


On 30 Sep 2008, at 09:41, Tim C. wrote:

the onclick event as follows:

That’s basically what update_page does. The name is a bit misleading,
but basically it yields the same thing as you get in a render :update
or the magic page object in a rjs file and returns the generated


sorry, so how do I use updaet_page in conjuction with a checkbox? The
following doesn’t work:
<%= form.check_box :io_1 , update_page{|page|

Apologies, I was being stupid. The correct way is:
<%= form.check_box :io_1 , :onclick => update_page{|page|

Thanks for your help