Check ARGV for option (what parser to use?)

Dear mailinglist,

Currently I’m eluded by the ARGV parser GetoptLong.
All the example show me the same structure that just itterates through
all the parsed flags and then overwrite a previously set standard value
when a certain case branch gets hit.

Am I completely wrong or is this a horrible way of doing things?

I would like for example to first check if a certain flag is set (–help
for example) before I get to setting and parsing values.

I would think that the parser creates a Hash table and that I could
acces it in this style:

if (opts[:help]) then
puts “some usage help”
parse all other values

Am I off track here?


On Jul 2, 2007, at 10:37 AM, Boris Callens wrote:

I user CommandLine::OptionParser (gem), but there is also optparse.
You might have better luck with those.

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