Chattr Gem released (new, 0.9.0)


My new baby gem, Chattr has just been released to Rubyforge,
and should be available in the gem repository shortly. The
release notes follow. Thanks go to Why, for discovering the
“method as superclass” technique as used in Camping, which
stimulated me to explore this area, and to David Black, who
suggested the name and helped me solve a meta-programming

Clifford H…

"Welcome to the first release of Chattr, the Checked Attributes
gem, version 0.9.0. This gem defines three methods which you
can use as improvements to attr_accessor and friends. They
support class-checking and block-based type checking for
single-valued attributes and for array attributes. The third
method, Array(), creates a subclass of Array which you can use
through array_attr, or directly as a superclass for your own
class. They will help you catch bugs in your programs sooner.

The release is thoroughly tested using RSpec and documented using
RDoc. It’s still not a 1.0 release because it lacks the ability
to globally enable and disable type checking, which you might want
to do for performance reasons.