Chat-room style app with Ruby API backend

I need your expertise or knowledge on developing a chat based iPhone app
while using Ruby’s back-end for the API/Base, and storing the user model
and database schema. Should, I build the app on iPhone natively and use
Ruby only for transferring data or should I build the app using Phonegap
with Ruby on Rails? I’m quite puzzled, and would love to hear your

If you’re good with IOS - Use IOS framework for the front end and Ruby
Rails / Sinatra backend - primarily focusing on REST. Use Phonegap if
want this app to be built for different mobile OSs ( IOS , Android,
Symbian) and you dont have enough expertise for each. Although phone gap
has is limitations. My experience with Phonegap was bad. Speed of the
application and quality of the widgets are slower compared to native IOS
app ( X-Code ) .


On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 7:53 AM, David W. [email protected]