Chart in rails

Hi All
i am trying to use Open Flash Chart
i tried this as instracted in this link

bat at finally i got the following error
undefined method `open_flash_chart_object’ for #<TestItController:
At presnet i cant understand what to do. please help me to solve this
problem… please

You have already posted a very similar question, please don’t do that.
I have not used open flash chart, and I guess you have followed all
the instructions given on the github page correctly (including plugin
installation: see in your vendor/plugins directory to check if it is
installed properly)

You are in a different timezone than most of the other rails
developers, so probably waiting for at least 12 hours will be a good




I have worked on few charts using Open Flash successfully.
please follow the tutorial for open flash chart using pull monkey.
You need to give your controller name/ method name in the parameter ie
the first method.
Second method contains the actual code for a graph.
If you don’t get it i will send you an example so that you can carry
with your work.

good luck!!