Character formatting help

Hi All,
Two of my integration tests are failing because of the way the UKpound
sign (£) is being rendered.
My test expects a string to be returned (£10.00 x 5) = £50.00
but when the test fails it shows that (\24310.00 x 5) = \24350.00 is
expected and is failing because the string returned is (A£10.00 x 5) =
A£50.00 - the A is a capital A with a ^ above it (is it called Capital
A circumflex).

Elsewhere in the same test the £ sign in the expected string matches
the £ sign returned which makes it more interesting.

The tests pass without problem when run locally but fail when run on
my staging server (as shown above).
I’m using NetBeans IDE6.5.1 as my development environment.

Needless to say I’m new at ROR.

Any ideas would be gratefully received

thanks Nick

Hi All,
Problem solved thanks.