Chapters 7 to 8 - Loss of "Create My Account" button

I am completely new to Rails and have started working through the online
version of Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Rails 5). I am currently baffled
hope someone may be able to suggest something to help

At the end of Chapter 7 I had the “Create My Account” button working
with valid and invalid input data.

This no longer works in Chapter 8. Giving the message: “ROUTING ERROR
route matches [POST] “/signup””.

Routes listed on the Error Page include “POST /login(.:format)
sessions#create” I assume this POST stems from “resources :users” in
routes.rb but I cannot fathom
why it has ceased to work in the new Chapter.

If I add “post ‘/signup’”, to: “users#create” into routes.rb it is back
working fine.

Thank you in anticipation.