Channel Model Block in GNU radio


I am working on the channel model block in GNU radio. I am confused in
setting up the taps.I have a random source that undergoes a QPSK
at 4 samples per second.Could you please explain me the concept under
setting the tap values.

I am supposed to use a polyphase clock synchronizer followed by a CMA
equalizer for analyzing the channel response.

Looking forward for your reply.


Hi Merry,

I want to know how to define the parameter ‘taps’ in the channel model
blocks.I am considering a 4 tap system.
The taps define what your channel is. We can’t tell you what taps your
channel has – that is completely defined by what you want your channel
to be.
Since you already know that you’re considering a 4-tap system: Take your
channel impulse response, and put it in your taps field like
[h_0, h_1, h_2, h_3]
with h_n being the nth coefficient of your tapped delay line channel