Changing Case of Variables in Nginx

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I am trying to change the case of a variable to all lowercase. I know
is no function to do this, but I have been trying to do it with pcre and
rewrite rules and it is not working. I keep getting this…

pcre_compile() failed: PCRE does not support \L, \l, \N, \U, or \u
when I
check the config syntax.

Is there a way to change the case of a variable ($request_uri, etc.) to


John Draper

On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 8:27 AM, Resi C. [email protected] wrote:

Is there a way to change the case of a variable ($request_uri, etc.) to all

I’m interested in this as well. Actually, it is an almost essential
feature with hosting live Flash (Flash Media Server) video on demand,
since customers always forget what case they made their files. The
solution is to convert anything ingested into the system to all
lowercase and place nginx in front of the request URIs. At least,
that’s the preferred solution for me :slight_smile:


Have you tried it at all with pcre and rewrite, because I haven’t been
to get that to work.

I don’t know enough about c programming, but it seems simple enough to
provide the variables with maybe a _lowercase appended to them, to
them in lowercase. Sort of like $host_lowercase or $uri_lowercase. Would
this be an easy patch to generate?



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