Changes in specs for routes in rspec 1.1.99.x

Trying the next release of rspec, I have had to make changes in the
existing specs for routing.
I have written an script with sed that makes this automatically (two


/route_for/s/id => 1/id => “1”/g
/route_for.create/s/== (["’].["’])/== {:path => \1, :method =>
/route_for.update/s/== (["’].["’])/== {:path => \1, :method =>
/route_for.destroy/s/== (["’].["’])/== {:path => \1, :method =>


for f in find controllers -name "*routing*rb" -type f; do sed -i -f
upgrade.sed $f; done

You shoud make this file executable and run it

I hope this helps somebody.

Thank you for posting this.
Is this a script to replace/add arguments to the route_for methods in
my current controller routing specs?
Will the changes this script affects fix the errors I get when running
specs like " route_for(whatever)should == ‘/foo/1’ " on :update
and :destroy actions generating a :show route?

I’ve tried adding a :method argument and passing :put and :delete - no
go on these assuring the correct routes so far. I’m off to read the
rspec source to figure out WTF changed…

GAh! easy one - I was adding the method argument to the ‘route_for()’
instead of the ‘should ==’ hash it compares the generated output with.
And now I see how the script you made takes the single string argument
from the old style and drops it into a hash that includes the restful
method name.
Thank you for providing the clue I needed to get the correct syntax.