Change Proposal for "String#word_wrap"


I posted this first in comp.lang.ruby, but I think, this here is the
better place. I cannot tell more details, because I’m not a Rails user.
I recognized this method by a hint in the german Ruby forum.

The Method “String#word_wrap” is defined as

def word_wrap(text, line_width = 80)
text.gsub(/\n/, “\n\n”).gsub(/(.{1,#{line_width}})(\s+|$)/,

The sense of the part ‘gsub(/\n/, “\n\n”)’ is not visible for me,
newlines will be removed in the next step by ‘\s+’.

I made some tests (Ruby, not Ruby on Rails) and couldn’t find any
difference to
the following definition:

def word_wrap(text, line_width = 80)
text.gsub(/(.{1,#{line_width}})(\s+|$)/, “\1\n”).strip

Wolfgang Nádasi-Donner