Change location of Ruby installation

My local ruby installation is located in /usr/local/bin/ruby and my
server’s installation is located in /usr/bin/ruby. It is a pain
changing the location in dispatch.fcgi, dispatch.cgi, and dispatch.rb
so I figure the best plan is to move my local installation to /usr/bin/
ruby. Is this possible? Is there any easier way to make these changes?

if you have /usr/bin/env lying around you could change the dispatch
files to call that instead:

#!/usr/bin/evn ruby

Would that prevent me from testing locally?

I just installed the full stack in about 1 hour following the
instructions at:

I chose to use a different location: /users/xxx/src rathe than a
global location and only had to replace obvious paths.

If you are on linux rather than a Mac the instructions will almost
work as well as they are virtually all terminal commands. Just pay
attention around the setup for PATH.