Change java heap size in Aptana

Hi to all.

I have a strange problem concerning an Aptana and jruby and I hope that
somebody here can help :slight_smile:

I am using

  • Aptana Rad Rails (2.0.2)
  • Jruby 1.5.0.RC3
  • Rails 2.3.5
  • Windows Vista

and when I start a Testrun (about 800 Tests) this always stops because
java heap size is not sufficient. So what I’m trying to do is change the
maximum java heap size for the Java Virtual Machine. Therefore I found


and to achieve that jruby passes this parameter to the jvm one has to


Typing jruby -J-Xmx512m perfectly works in a command prompt but if I
configure the jruby interpreter in Aptana to use this parameter, there
always the error message that this parameter is not recognized…

I think this is a bug in Aptana / Jruby, but I’m not sure. Is there
way to run the tests in Aptana with more Java Heap Size??? Or does
know what else I could do to run my tests with jruby?


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My rough guess would be that Aptana is launching JRuby directly from
the Java class (org.jruby.Main) rather than going through our startup
script. So there must be a place in Aptana where you can specify that
when it starts up JRuby in that Java subprocess, it should pass your
Java arguments along.

Sorry we can’t be more help, but it sounds like it’s entirely in
Aptana’s court to provide a way to set the heap when launching JRuby.

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 * Windows Vista

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