Change context in Radius


I’m writing an application and I define tags on the fly, depending on
the model attributes and associations. If I have BlogPost that has_many
comments, I define tags for the BlogPost title, body, tags… and a
“comments” tags as well, in order to access the collection.

the thing is: is there a way to create a new context for the comments
If the comments has an email field, I can’t access it with a simple tag
like <r:email /> I must use the verbose <r:attribute name=“email” />,
which I don’t like at all.

Hopefully I’ve explained things enough :stuck_out_tongue:


By the way, another option would be to have tag_missing behave actually
like method_missing.

That means having access to the tag binding instead of just the tag
name. That way I could access tag.locals and call methods on the
association records.