Change action attribute of form using JavaScript in Rails

Hello everyone,

I had a situation where I’ve more than one submit buttons in a form
which I need to send data to different controllers’ action. From my
previous posts I got a suggestion to use JavaScript.

**Please Note: I’m not looking forward to detect which button is pressed
and redirect according to it.

Here is my code.

<%= form_tag “#”, :id => “multi_cont_form” do %>

<%= label_tag(“From date”) %>
<%= date_field_tag ‘fdate’,, :autofocus =>true, class:
‘form-control’ %>

   <div class="actions">
    <%= button_tag "Test JS", :onclick =>

“sendParams(‘receipt_rpts_create_path’)” %>

   <div class="actions">

<%= button_tag “Test JS”, :onclick =>
“sendParams(‘payments_rpts_create_path’)” %>

<% end %>

(I’ve only showed two buttons for example purpose.)

JavaScript (Corrected)

function sendParams(newAction)
var mem_code = document.getElementById(“member_code”).value;
var x = document.getElementById(“multi_cont_form”).action;
document.getElementById(“multi_cont_form”).setAttribute(“action”, “”);
console.log("Checking form action received " + newAction + “…”);
console.log("Current form action " + x + “…”);
var x = document.getElementById(“multi_cont_form”).action;
console.log("New action " + x + “…”);
alert("New action of form is " + x);

Even after I reset action attribute to “” and reassigned with new given
action, the final URL is being prefixed with current page’s URL.

For eg:
If current page URL is “localhost:3000/reports/new”
The newly created form action using JS is

I can’t prevent that “reports” from being prefixed.
And even “receipt_rpts_create_path” is not converted to
receipt_rpts/create URL.

Technically how to change “controller” option’s value and “action”
option’s value of <% form_tag %> helper using JavaScript. If its not
possible how to achieve it using JS.