Challenge! How can I write a test to test the methods in ApplicationController?

Hi all,

I’ve been Googling this one for a while now, and haven’t found a
satisfactory answer. It has been posted here before by someone else,
but it seems to have got forgotten, so here goes - perhaps someone can
think up a way around the problem?

In ApplicationController, I have the following method:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

helper_method :admin?

Discover whether the currently logged user is an admin user

def admin?
User.find_by_id(session[:user_id]).admin? unless

This method works fine in various views, but I can’t seem to test it.
Rails doesn’t generate a test file for ApplicationController, so I
have done that:

require File.dirname(FILE) + ‘/…/test_helper’
require ‘application.rb’

Re-raise errors caught by the controller.

class ApplicationController; def rescue_action(e) raise e end; end

class ApplicationControllerTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
fixtures :users

def logger

def setup
@controller =
@request =
@response =


def test_admin
# Don’t know how to test “admin?”
assert false


I can run this test successfully, but if I include a call to admin?, I
get a NoMethodError. I also get the same thing if I try testing it in
another controller (which inherits from application.rb).

Any ideas?



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