CGRAN wants your GNU Radio projects!

Just your friendly CGRAN update to the mailing list. I’ve seen a
in projects posted to the CGRAN, yet not a slowdown in account signups.
So, I thought I’d just e-mail out a quick update.

The usual quick blurb (
*The Comprehensive GNU Radio Archive Network (CGRAN) is a free open
repository for 3rd party GNU Radio applications that are not officially
supported by the GNU Radio project. CGRAN provides a subversion
for users to develop or submit new applications, and wiki access for
project documentation. *
Recent projects:


Transceiver for 27 MHz wireless keyboards from Logitech

*Note: * I’ve noticed a general move from SVN to git. I don’t have the
time to move CGRAN to git right now, but I am more than okay with
hosting their code on github, and adding their project to the project
linking to their github. Because ultimately, your code is available in
public location that people can fork from, etc. CGRAN can still provide
you the exposure to the GNU Radio community if you want it, just link to
your github.

  • George