CGRAN: some traffic statistics, top projects, call for new projects!

Hey all,

I hope you’re enjoying #grhack with your airhorn :wink:

CGRAN ( still continues to grow, and its traffic far
exceeds ever what I thought it was. Here are some numbers:

  1. Funcube Dongle, 3)
  2. RDS, 5)

So, either Nick uses botnets to refresh his project pages, or we should
thank him for providing 3 of the top 5 projects :wink: To give a traffic
perspective, Mode S Receiver gets ~80 hits a day, whereas Smartnet gets
around 12 hits a day.

I hope this shows that CGRAN is still very active, and in fact growing.
People do visit it quite often to see what kind of GNU Radio projects
there are out there. So, please keep building on it! People will
your projects this way.

Note, you do not have to use the SVN repository. You are free to create
project page and link to external code sources (e.g., github).

  • George