CGRAN -- come share your GNU Radio / USRP projects!

Hi all,

CGRAN has seen a little bit of a lull recently, either due to too many
holiday cookies or too many cases of the common cold :wink:

Considering there is always a churn of GNU Radio users, I figured a
might help!

What is it?

The Comprehensive GNU Radio Archive Network (CGRAN) is a free open
repository for 3rd party GNU Radio applications
that are not officially
supported by the GNU Radio project
provides a subversion repository for users to develop or submit new
applications, and wiki access for full project documentation. Trac (our
interface) provides unique features such as a browser for the subversion
repository and a ticket system for users to file issues with projects in
CGRAN. CGRAN is a great way to find GNU Radio projects to use, build
or gain exposure to a project you have built.

Where is it?

Some Recent Projects

Mode S receiver - A Mode
receiver to track commercial aircraft from transponder reports
Gen2 RFID Listener - A Gen2
Listener for developing distributed RFID networks and monitoring
Dynamic Spectrum Sharing -
Implementation of Papyrus/Jello, a dynamic spectrum sharing system based
distributed OFDMA.