CGI Session Synchronization

I finally tracked down a bug that’s been bothering me, and I’m at a
complete loss for how to fix it. If you have wisdom, please share. =)

I’m opening a CGI Session using and storing in $SESSION.

Unfortunately, my webpage has multiple windows open at a time, each of
which runs in it’s own ruby VM, and accesses it’s own $SESSION.

Is there a way I can synchronize my $SESSION variable?
eg. Wait for the current Session to be closed before opening it again?

In one window I’m running <Temp.rb>
which does:

#bla #bla #bla

and in another window I’m running <Temp2.rb>
which does :

$SESSION = <— I want this line to stall until
Temp.rb is done
#bla bla bla

Thank you very very much for your help.

Thanks for the help. It seems to be exactly what I need. I’m gonna need
to do a little research concerning distributed ruby.

In one window I’m running <Temp.rb>

and in another window I’m running <Temp2.rb>

Patrick: I’m not familiar with handling CGI::Session directly at the
moment, but if you have multiple ruby processes that you need to
synchronize I’m sure you will need some form of, well… Interprocess
communication. You could even use a shared file to somehow synchronize
the work of the two processes, but maybe the best option would be to
investigate ruby standard Drb library :