CGI::Session / mod_ruby problem

Hi everybody,

I am making an AJAX call to login.rhtml, in login.rhtml a new session is
created, and then I use javascript to reload the page to
/interface/index.rhtml where i attempt to continue the session created
in login.rhtml but everytime I do this I get an ArgumentError(from what
ive read means no session exists.) I am using mod_ruby/eruby to do
this… The code I am using is posted below :

– login.rhtml –
session =,‘database_manager’ =>
‘session_key’ => ‘_rb_sess_id’,
‘session_expires’ => + 30 * 60,
‘prefix’ => ‘sessions_pstore’,
‘new_session’ => true)

        session['username'] = cgiObject['username']

– interface/index.rhtml –
session =,‘database_manager’ =>
‘session_key’ => ‘_rb_sess_id’,
‘prefix’ => ‘sessions_pstore’
‘new_session’ => false )
puts session[‘username’]

I get a server error each time, the error is : [Thu Sep 11 10:38:19
2008] [error] mod_ruby: /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/cgi/session.rb:271:in
initialize': session_key_rb_sess_id’ should be supplied

The code looks okay to me what you can do:

  1. Add ‘session_path’ => ‘/’ to the options of if
    your scripts are in different directories.
  2. Check in your browser if the cookie is really set (firefox ->
    Preferences -> privacy -> Show cookies)
  3. Check if the login.rhtml can see the cookie before you set it again.
    new_session => ‘false’ … puts session.inspect). As a test.


Thanks Martin, I set “session_path” => ‘/’ in the interface/index.rhtml
file which resulted in the problem being solved. Thanks a million for
your help!