CGI anomaly associated with access to a Rails Active Record outside of rails

So, I’m not sure I will have the energy to do other than just mention
this with barely specific details, and I already understand that this
kind of thing is expected to be a little ticklish at this time, but…

  1. I’m using a non-mod_ruby application for internal services which
    accesses data from a Rails app through a call to active_record, all of
    which mostly seems to work.

  2. I tried, for organizational purposes, embedding the include .rb file
    that includes cgi for my app inside an include file which is inside
    another include file, which was one more such level lower than before.
    This caused the Query strings stuff to no longer be available to me in
    my $CGIo object I was making. I tried a number of variations, but the
    two common things that fixed it were either taking out the active record
    connection call, or moving the include file that instantiates $CGIo = to at least one level less deep.

So, I guess I’m only including this for now for use by the devs and
warning to the group. For all I know I’m the only one foolhardy enough
to be doing this kind of thing at this time, but still, it may be

Best wishes.

Sincerely, Xeno

Xeno C. wrote:
Followup on this, though instantiation / object variables initiated in
the constructor failed at lower levels, a class variable from the base
does fine all the time.