Celluloid/celluloid-io/celluloid-zmq/dcell 0.8.0: concurrent and distributed objects for Ruby

Celluloid is an easy-to-use library for building concurrent programs in

Celluloid::IO lets you use Celluloid’s concurrent objects as general
purpose evented I/O loops similar to EventMachine:

DCell lets you build distributed systems out of actors that talk over
0MQ protocol, using the Celluloid::ZMQ library:

This release represents an incremental evolution of all of these
Celluloid 0.8.0 is more efficient, factored better internally, and
a new implementation of futures which does not require an additional
per future.

Celluloid::IO 0.8.0 is the first release to use nio4r instead of
Kernel.select for I/O multiplexing, which brings with it lower CPU usage
selecting among large numbers of file descriptors.

Changelogs follow:

Celluloid 0.8.0:

  • Celluloid::Application has been renamed to Celluloid::Group
  • Futures no longer use a thread unless created with a block
  • No more future thread-leaks! Future threads auto-terminate now
  • Rename Celluloid#async to Celluloid#defer
  • Celluloid#tasks now returns an array of tasks with a #status attribute
  • Reduce coupling between Celluloid and DCell. Breaks compatibility
    with earlier versions of DCell.
  • Celluloid::FSMs are no longer actors themselves
  • Benchmarks using benchmark_suite

Celluloid::IO 0.8.0:

  • Switch to nio4r-based reactor
  • Compatibility with Celluloid 0.8.0 API changes

Celluloid::ZMQ 0.8.0:

  • Update to match internals of celluloid-io

DCell 0.8.0

  • Track calls in-flight with DCell::RPC and DCell::RPC::Manager
  • Compatibility changes for Celluloid 0.8.0

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 1:07 AM, Dubo [email protected] wrote:

Perfect work Tony.
Have you some plans about load ballancing in celluloid as noted in the
Load ballancing http://?hl=sk%20#!topic/celluloid-ruby/_nFEQ5m_ggw
(Jack Morrill, Lusis)?

Not yet, I’m afraid, although this remains one of Celluloid’s most
deficiencies. It’s definitely one of my top priorities, although I said
same thing 2 months ago.