Celluloid 0.12.4: Concurrent objects for Ruby

Celluloid 0.12.4 is out! This release contains a number of bugfixes and
handful of new features:

  • Memory leak fixed: crashed actors weren’t getting removed from an
    links table, causing more memory to be used each time an actor crashed.
    This has been fixed

  • Silence annoying debug messages: The “Terminating N actors…” message
    can now be silenced by changing Celluloid.logger’s severity level to
    DEBUG messages

  • Exclusive mode fixed: Previous changes to fix exclusive mode actually
    caused some regressions and exclusive mode was once again completely
    broken. This has now been fixed and more tests added to prevent future

Additional changes below:

  • Celluloid::ClassMethods#proxy_class allows configurable proxies
  • Improved error messages for Fiber-related problems
  • Better object leakage detection when inspecting
  • Use #public_send to dispatch Celluloid methods
  • #idle_size and #busy_size for Celluloid::PoolManager