Carrier-tracking on FSK


I just created my first 2-level FSK demodulator and
would like to add carrier-tracking to find the carrier
frequency. Since some RF signals are offset by about
5kHz. I need a way to zero in on the frequency to
compensate for the offset. Is there a block that
performs this function? Or, can someone point me in
the right direction?


George B.
[email protected]

I found it. This is what I found on FM/FSK

    audio_rate = 20000;
    alpha = 5 * 0.25 * math.pi / (audio_rate);
    beta = alpha * alpha / 4.0
    max_freq = -2.0*math.pi*18970/audio_rate;
    min_freq = -2.0*math.pi*19030/audio_rate;

    stereo_carrier_pll_recovery =



There is also gr_pll_refout_cc and gr_pll_freqdet_cf.


— George B. [email protected] wrote:

the right direction?
[email protected]

George B.
[email protected]

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