Capture and plot 802.11 frames


I am a new user of the GNU platform.

I managed to install the paltform on my Ubuntu 10.4 PC
and I am currently trying to capture 802.11 frames that are transmitted

I am using these tools: -f 2.412G -f 2.412G

All I can see is noise on this frequency, although I confirm that
are transmitted between my PC and my router on this frequency.

Does my problem have to do something with the settings of these tools or
I miss something else.

Can you provide me with some tutorial link, where I can find more info
the basic usage of USRP?

Thank you in advance,

On 05/10/2011 12:30 PM, Stratos Keranidis wrote: -f 2.412G

Thank you in advance,

You don’t say what your hardware setup is. Do you have an antenna
plugged in? Is it on the correct port? Have you tried setting
the gain upwards in

What version of Gnu Radio are you running? What version of UHD?

Hi Marcus,

first I want to thank you for your very fast reply.
I am sorry for not reporting details about my system setup.

I am using a USRP1 model and I have one XCVR2450 daughterboard attached.
Two antennas are connected at the pigtails on the daughterboard.
I usedthebuild-gnuradio install script to for installation and so I
downloaded the latest versions from the ‘main’ branch for both UHD and
GNU Radio.

I just set the gain at the maximum level and I notice that signals can
be received at the level of -35dBm.

Can I use the to capture plots of the transmitted frames.
My main aim is to able to plot the exact duration of a transmitted
frame, ack packets etc.

I hope the information I provided can help you.

Thank you,