Capistrano w/ Plesk 8* VPS setup problem

Good Day (for some : T)

Here is my deploy.rb file configurations:

set :application, “beeew”
set :repository, “
set :domain, “
set :deploy_to, “/var/www/vhosts/”
set :user, “beeew143”
set :rails_env, “production”

when i do cap setup it says:
[] executing command
command finished
command "unmask 02 &&\n mkdir -p
/var/www/vhosts/…blah blah…
www/vhosts/… (basically tries to add capistrano folder
)…mkdir -p…blah blah…ends with -> failed on

I am deploying from windows. I double checked the folder, and
they’re all 0755…

any suggestions?

Just to clarify on the domains,,, should’ve been the
same one domain…

Well, i logged in as root, and it made the files, but now I’m having
problems with Cap figuring out where my deploy is…

on my tortoiseSVN, it points to Shouldn’t it be
in deploy.rb (Cap) that set repository be the same?

The link on how i setup my svn is here:

If anyone could help me out, my back is starting to hurt. : T

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