Capistrano => releases direcotory remains empty after export


So I finally got svn working with capistrano. However I’m having another
problem now. When I do cap deploy, everything seems to be fine.
Unfortunately the releases directory remains empty after svn did a
checkout. 20070710112555 is never created :frowning:

When I run the same svn command manually with the same user, everything
is fine.
Any suggestions?

D:\webroot\mezza_svn>cap deploy

  • executing task deploy
  • executing task update
    ** transaction: start
  • executing task update_code
  • querying latest revision…
    [email protected]’s password:
  • executing “if [[ ! -d /jp/releases/20070710112555 ]]; then\n
    n export --no-auth-cache -q -r7
    svn+ssh://[email protected]/usr/local/sv
    n/mezza_project/trunk /jp/releases/20070710112555 &&\n
    (test -e /jp
    /revisions.log || (touch /jp/revisions.log && chmod 666
    /jp/revisions.log)) && e
    cho date +\"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S\" $USER 7 20070710112555 >>
    servers: [“”]

Ignore this post. Capistrano was just roling back because some tasks