Capistrano mongrel_rails cluster::restart problem

I have a rails on ubuntu deployment stack which consists of:
locally: cap 2.3.0 and all latest deps
server side: apache 2.3, mongrel_cluster, mod_proxy and git on the
same host.

I am connecting via ssh with agent and pass phrase. All is good until
my first deploy:restart task. I have included the mongrel_cluster/
recipes via:

require ‘mongrel_cluster/recipes’

inside of my deploy.rb which I think is necessary. For some reason
when the cap deploy hits the ‘deploy:restart’ task which is the first
mongrel task I am prompted for a password and the task fails. I am not
sure why. My :user and :runner are both members of thesudoers on the
server. I have put my deploy.rb here:

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks,

Hi Guys,
has anyone actually made a successful rails deployment stack using:

ubuntu linux, apache 2.2, mongrel_cluster-1.0.5, mod_proxy, cap 2.3.0
and its deps, git and ssh key based login with agent.

I have the web server stuff playing nicely, the config files being
created and deployed, the git repos syncing and deploying with
capistrano happilly but getting cap 2.3.0 and mongrel_cluster-1.0.5 to
work together is an absolute nightmare. Has anyone got this working?
If so I would be very greatfull to receive the details. Surely it
can’t be this difficult to set up?

many thanks,