Capistrano issues on VPS

Anybody out there using Capistrano to do remote deployments of Ruby on
Rails apps on Rimu hosting? I am having a couple of issues with remote
deployment ( I am doing deployment from my windows pc using cygwin). I
am using Apache to run Rails as per setup described at

First one has to do with the fact that Apache web server is running as
apache user and group and I am doing deployment as my user account ( for
now the rails app is under my home directory). So after the doing the
deployment the rails app does not run until I do chown and chgrp on
Rails app dir to apache/apache.

Second issue is that by default the app runs in development mode and I
would like to run it in production mode. Only after I edit the
config/environment.rb and uncomment the line that forces the RAILS_ENV
to production, the rails app runs in production mode.

I guess I can resolve these issues by customizing the capistrano
deployment recipe by doing these additional tasks but I was wondering
what strategies are being used by other Ruby on Rails users VPS accounts
like Rimu Hosting.