Capistrano, gitosis and remote cache

I’m about ready to deploy my app so I decided to create a testapp to
deploy just so I can learn how to use capistrano for deployment. I’m
running Ruby 1.8.7 with Rails 3.0.3, capistrano 2.5.19 and git
with gitosis. Everything is going to be hosted on the same machine
(git and the app, so the app will be deployed on the same server as
the git repo).

Long story short, when I set my deploy_via to :remote_cache I get a
host key auth failed, but when I set it to :copy everything works. If
I understand correctly, I need to create a key for the user I use to
deploy the app. I did that and I added it to the gitosis-admin but it
didn’t seem to work. I really want to use :remote_cache though, so any
insights into this problem are highly appreciated.

Ok, I just fixed it and it was a weird solution. I had to login to my
deploy user and check out the project, but when I did that it prompted
me if I wanted to add the host to the list of known_hosts, and I said
yes so I guess all I had to do was add itself to the list of