Capistrano Deployment to Multiple App Servers w/Mongrel

Hey folks,

I have an app deployed across multiple app servers with Capistrano as

role :web, “”, :primary => true
role :app, “”, “
role :db, “”, :primary => true

set :mongrel_conf, “#{current_path}/config/mongrel_cluster.yml”

This works OK, but I would really like to change the mongrel
configuration so that it runs on a different address on app1 & app2.

Specifically, I want app1 to listen on and I want app2 to
listen on

Being able to change the number of mongrels & start port would also be

Anyway, I have found plenty of reference to people deploying to
staging & production environments and changing stuff out that way, but
this is just to change the config per-server in production.

What is the most elegant way to do this?