Capistrano: can't get remote connection to work

I can’t get rake remote:exec ACTION=setup to complete successfully. I
suspect there is a problem in authentication.

The problem however isn’t RSA authentication, see earlier message:

subj: Capistrano: remote setup fails, using RSA authentication

I renamed my .ssh dir on the remote server and am now connecting via
ssh-password authentication. I can connect via ssh w/o problem, just
not through capistrano.

The problem also isn’t the setup task – I created the simplest task
I could imagine:

task :ls, :roles => [:app] do
run <<-CMD
ls #{deploy_to}

I still get a similar error:

rake remote:exec ACTION=ls
(in /Users/stephen/dev/rails/teemss2)
loading configuration
loading configuration ./config/deploy.rb

  • executing task ls
  • executing “ls /web/”
    servers: [“”]
    rake aborted!
    No such file or directory - /tmp/ssh-G0tW2k3sTa/agent.333