Capistrano and 2.3.2

I’ve upgraded to the latest rails (from 2.1.2), … and locally its
working. But when I try to cap deploy to production, I get:

*** [err ::] can’t activate rails (= 2.1.2, runtime) for
[], already activated rails-2.3.2 for []
*** [err ::] (
*** [err ::] Gem::LoadError
*** [err ::] )

I’ve googled and found that I need to install some scripts that were
deprecated for 2.3.2 … I did this: ./script/plugin install
git:// … but I’m still
getting the same issue.

What seems strange is that I’m getting a Gem::LoadError whereas I’ve
noticed other people with similar issues are getting Gem::Exception.

Anyone got any ideas? (I’m not very good with gems)


ahh … gem cleanup fixed it all up.

Then I realised that that bloody irs_process_scripts install line
deleted my .svn directory … and I had to do a whole song and dance
to get it all back to functional …