Can't upload images - probably cause my routes are messed up

I am attempting to create a model called “encyclopaedia” with multiple
sections of encyclopaedia articles, each section having an image.

When I attempt to upload an image, I get the error:

Unknown action

No action responded to upload. Actions: create, destroy, edit,
get_encyclopaedia, index, is_admin?, is_owner_of, new, show, and update

I have the upload method in my sections controller and I call it from my
view with:

<% form_for [@encyclopaedia,@section], :url =>{:controller => :sections,
:action => :upload },:html => { :multipart => true, :method => ‘put’} do
|f| %>

<%= f.file_field :image_file %>

<%= f.submit ‘Upload’ %>

<% end %>

in my routes.rb file, I have set up a nested route to access the upload

map.resources :encyclopaedias do |encyclopaedias|
encyclopaedias.resources :sections,
:member => { :upload => :put}

and rake routes outputs:

upload_encyclopaedia_section PUT
{:action=>“upload”, :controller=>“sections”}

This seems to be what I want, but I’m fairly new to rails so I’m
probably missing something…

Does anyone know why I can’t use the upload method in my controller?



So, I had an extra end in the method above my update method in the
controller, lol silly error


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