Cant start from InstantRails suddenly

I’m using InstantRails on WinXP and suddenly when I attempt to start
with Mongrel, I get a windows cmd window that opens, flashes some
trace or err msgs, and then closes before I can see what it said

  • perhaps if I could read those msgs, but I’m not sure how to get the
    window to stay up when launching from IR… any thoughts there?

  • my development.log file is not getting updated with anything

I really cant see anything that changed code-wise other than a text
msg that I just changed. I havent changed any configurations either.

So, I’m looking for clues on how I can start tracking where my problem
lies given how InstantRails starts an app with Mongrel.

Perhaps you have a mongrel still running from a previous instance of the
app. They will be running on the same port. Go to task manager and see
there is ruby process. If so, kill it, then try again.

Hope this helps

Open a command window, navigate to your app’s root directory, and run
mongrel by hand (so you can see the error message). I’m not in my
normal environment to look it up (you can probably find it easily),
but its something like:

mongrel_rails start