Cant serve video via rails

Hi all,
I have an m4v file which I’m trying to view on my iPhone via a rails
If i place the file in my apache root or in /public and hit the url, it
plays back fine, but no matter what I try with rails, the iPhone will
try to download the file and receive an error.

I have set up an apache->mongrel balanced cluster, with the rails
/public directory being handled by apache
config here:

I’ve tried adding a mime-type to config/initializers/mime_types.rb like
Mime::Type.register “video/m4v”, :m4v
but that made no difference.

Any ideas where i’m going wrong? Shouldn’t the apache server be serving
the static content given my config?

according to this post Directory directives are recursive, so should
apply to files in RAILS_ROOT/public/files/*[email protected]>

the files i’m linking to are like: http://localhost/files/video.m4v

thanks for reading

On 5 Nov 2008, at 17:38, Oliver F. wrote:

/public directory being handled by apache
config here:

shouldn’t your document root be /home/devel/Projects/demosite/branches/
demosite/public ?

that’s the way it normally is with an apache deployment (if not the /
some_video.m4v would indeed get passed to rails)